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Swedtech: Architectural Excellence since 2000

A new millennium presenting many new challenges saw a new company established in Thailand to willingly accept those challenges.

Dan Ljusnefors, founder of Swedtech (Swedish Technology), wanted the name first and foremost to stand for tradition, quality and innovation, and thus he created a modern company with the flexibility to adjust to new demands in an ever-changing world.

His background is in boat-building and marine architecture focused mainly on the cabin component of any vessel. Typically a small and narrow area with little or no space to spare, this is precisely the type of situation that helps give birth to creativity.

Kitchen facilities, sleeping areas, restrooms and dining table all must be fitted in a space with unhelpful dimensions and awkward angles, demanding a different and creative approach.

Such are the challenges that Dan thrives upon.

When building a new house, a whole project, or simply refurbishing an apartment, Dan uses all of his vast experience from his days building boat cabins, and quite apart from the smaller details, he also sees the bigger picture. He understands the significance of a strong foundation. Single or two-storey houses are normally built with beams suitable for a high rise. Some might find this an unnecessary precautionary measure, but in Swedtech’s world, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Scandinavian design is known for its simplicity and minimalistic approach. Colours in basic tones with a scaled down brightness are commonly used. These days, cutting edge technology forms part of the design and makes life for the owner easier in the process. For a look at what this approach yields, Swedtech has plenty to offer by way of examples. The company has a huge portfolio of already accomplished house projects and apartments refurbished to seldom seen standards of excellence as proof.

After more than ten years in the home-building business with very few complaints, it is little wonder that Swedtech is now one of the most sought-after construction companies in the Chonburi area. Property developers from all around the world are keen on Scandinavian design and quality control, and Swedtech provides both, with a keen eye on the latest design developments in the industry too.

Swedtech is also a company with a personal touch, based on the principle that business is not done between companies – but rather done between human beings.

Swedtech.com stands for:

  • Swedish Technology
  • Quality control
  • Innovation
  • Experience of working in a Thai environment
  • Human touch
  • Flexibility
  • Adjustment to modern demands